Conventa Trend Bar 2021


Conventa Knowledge Roadshow

Until we can meet live again, the Conventa team will be preparing a series of online educational events - Conventa Trend Bars, where representatives of New European destinations will be sharing their experiences, talking about innovations and discussing strategies for the future. For those looking to take their knowledge to the next level, we will be hosting Conventa Academy with world-renowned meetings industry experts.

Proudly supported by Ljubljana Tourism/Convention Bureau

After two years of traveling around the region and helping people create better events, the Conventa Trend Bar project has become an important support pillar for the entire Conventa Trade Show. In the last three years Trend Bars have been carried out live in many cities of New Europe: Sofia, Bucharest, Sarajevo, Podgorica, Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Split, Lviv, Novi Sad, Varna, Thessaloniki, Šibenik, Budva, and even at the IBTM Trade Show. Because of the current epidemiological situation, the organisers of Conventa were forced to move the sharing of knowledge and networking into an online space. We invite you to join our new platform that has already connected over 1.000 colleagues.

Succeeding in event management takes up-to-date knowledge. To create a memorable and unique event that will leave the participants speechless takes an event planner to be aware of every single detail; knowing the participants’ habits, being informed about the techniques of moderation and interaction, and last but not least, knowing the technological and other future trends.


Roxanich Istria

Thursday, 17 June from 15:00 to 16:30 (CET)

Conventa Trend Bar Istria

GUEST SPEAKER: Nadja Horvatek, Illustris Events, Pula, Croatia

The last event in the series of Trend Bars 2021 will be a special one. This time, Gorazd Čad, will be joined by Nadja Horvatek & Ozren Grbavčić from Illustris Events. The online event will be spiced up by a live cooking show, taking place at the Roxanich Wine & Heritage Hotel.

Thursday, 24 June from 10:00 to 11:00 (CET)

Conventa Academy

GUEST SPEAKER: Dr. Rob Davidson, Managing Director of MICE Knowledge

Upcoming events

24 June 2021 – Conventa Academy with a guest speaker, Dr. Rob Davidson, Managing Director of MICE Knowledge

Conventa Trend Bar


January 20 - 21, 2021

CONVENTA TREND BAR NEW EUROPE is an online educational event that equipped attendess with practical tools and knowledge for overcoming the corona crisis. The event also served as a platform for hosting the grand finale of the annual Conventa Best Event Award competition.

Proudly supported by Ljubljana Tourism/Convention Bureau

Regional Knowledge For Global Re:Start

Conventa has been rescheduled and will take place from 25 to 26 August 2021 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The original date (20 – 21 January 2021) served as an opportunity to carry out a 2-day online Conventa Trend Bar workshop, entitled “CONVENTA TREND BAR NEW EUROPE”. The workshop series took place under the slogan: Regional Knowledge For Global Re:Start. Attendees learned how to use video platforms for events, how to organize hybrid events, how to adapt their marketing, what sales activities will be at the forefront after the end of the crisis and so much more. At the same time, it was a platform for mutual problem-solving and sharing ideas.

The event took place on two days; Wednesday, 20 January 2021 and Thursday, 21 January 2021

Each day featured inspirational discussions with creative individuals from the New Europe region. Regional experts that are a true source of inspiration and knowledge. Individuals with breakthrough ideas that will help us overcome the new pandemic reality. 


















Cristiana Fiandra Cambissa

Trieste Convention Center


Cristiana Fiandra Cambissa graduated at the School for Interpreters and Translators of Trieste University. In 1980 she co-founded the office, a company devoted to event planning and organization. She is the representative of Federcongressi&Eventi for the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region as well as coordinator of the Tourism Section of Confindustria Alto Adriatico. Cristiana is also the co-founder of the new Congress Center Trieste Convention Center - TCC. Her company has been appointed as managing secretariat of TCC.


“Trieste Convention Center – The place to be, the venue to hire”

TCC, the New Congress Center, inaugurated in 2020. It is located in the historical area of the Old Harbor and close to the main hotels and attractions of the city center. Its auditorium is the largest of North-Eastern Italy, with a capacity of 1,856 seats; moreover with 5 additional rooms, the total capacity is 2,770 seats and a large exhibition area of 5,000 sqm. The first major event hosted by TCC was ESOF 2020 last September, achieving great success.

Bostjan Usenik

Perpetuum Jazille / Manager Magazine


Boštjan, the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of ‘Finance Manager' weekly magazine, has been also an amateur musician, singing in the famous Slovenian vocal orchestra ‘Perpetuum Jazzile’ for 25 years. After being the President and Manager of the group from 2003 to 2020, he has now returned to business journalism. As the leader of Perpetuum Jazzile he organized over 800 concerts in more than 20 countries worldwide. Boštjan strongly believes one can find new quality only through breaking out of the comfort zone.


"Sound of success"

From his extensive business and music experience, Boštjan will present his personal view about what does it take to become a noticeable musician or a music group from an artistic point of view, as well as a successful artist in the business sense, enabling artists to pursue their passion in the long run. The group, where Boštjan continues to sing, has been hit hard by the pandemic, but has invented new interesting ways to stay active and serve its audience.

Alen Bošković

Du Motion


Born in Dubrovnik, a graduated economist in tourism, Croatian Olympian and former water polo player, Secretary General of Dubrovnik Association of Sports, which takes care of all sports in Dubrovnik, member of Croatian Olympic Committee and event director of Du Motion Runner's Days Dubrovnik. Du Motion has been recognized as one of the most important manifestations for the Republic of Croatia and the City of Dubrovnik.


“Du Motion - Runners' Days Dubrovnik"

Du Motion is a project created by Dubrovnik Sports Association, in cooperation with the City of Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Tourist Board. The main goal was to encourage locals to get involved in physical activity, but also to enhance Dubrovnik’s tourist offer. It is not easy to run the sports sector in a popular tourist destination, nor to compete with culture. With the support of the City, Tourist board and the local community Du Motion continuously manages to achieve great results.

Stefan Kozak

Creative Pro


Still a Doer. Still a Believer. Still a Creator. Stefan Kozak obtained a degree in Theatre production management at Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia and has widen the scope of his studies by attending MBA course at Brno International Business School in Czech Republic. In 2003 Stefan founded a company focused on live & event marketing CREATIVE PRO and consequently he built diversified group of companies, called CREATIVE PRO group, on Slovak and Czech market, Hungary and Poland. In 2020 Stefan has successfully adapted the whole CREATIVE PRO group agency model towards the online, digital and hybrid solutions including new e-gaming concept ESPOT in Warsaw, Poland.


„Hope is not a strategy (Innovative spirit - made in Slovakia)“

The short story: from Zero to Hero, then from Hero to Zero and then back again

Miroslav Kočić, PhD

Department of Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh & Archaeological institute of Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences


After the study of archeology at the Faculty of Arts in Belgrade, Miroslav has continued his studies at the University of Pittsburgh, Department of Anthropology. Since 2004 he is involved in the “Vinca” project and in 2020 he took over as executive manager. Miroslav is the author of several scientific publications related to different archeological sites in Serbia and the Balkans.


"From the roots to the future: heritage as the foundation for the destination positioning"

Archeological site Vinca - Belo Brdo in Serbia is the most accurate proof of the existence of a fortified metropolis seven thousand years before the new era. It is now known that it was the center of the civilization of that time, the bright spot of the Neolithic in which the first proto-cities appear, multi-story houses with rich interiors, shops. Developed networks of communication, a society based on economic equality, and the seeds of the industrial revolution are some of the awesome discoveries for the future.

Barbara Neuhofer

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences


Dr. Barbara Neuhofer is a Professor and Head of Experience Design at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria. She is the co-founder of the Experience Design Summit, a transformative experience event. As an educator, speaker and experience designer, Barbara researches, writes, and speaks about experience design as a philosophy, mindset and toolset to guide human experiences and transformations across the physical and digital realms. Barbara is widely published and has shared her work at over 60 conferences and industry events around the globe.


"Towards the future of event experiences: Human transformation, phygitalisation and planetary regeneration"

This talk is going to explore the future design of event experiences. How can we intentionally create experiences that bring together the best of the physical and digital worlds? How can we orchestrate experiences that create time and space not only for humans to transform but also for the planet to flourish? In the middle of a global crisis, let’s take a glimpse into how we can reset our mindsets and practices to design events that foster innovation and encompass the values of the future.

Maja Bosanac



After completing the Graduate study Analysis and Business Planning at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb and completing the Graduate study of event organization in England, the path into the event management world, for this young entrepreneur, started working in several event organization agencies in Zagreb. After realizing that working for others and in other people's systems, she will not be able to make the difference she wants, she bravely decides on starting her own business, which soon proves to be the right choice. The focus of her business is sustainability in events management, which she applies in all events she organizes.


“How to organise a sustainable event”

Sustainable event management is the process of integrating environmental and social responsibility issues into event planning. Sustainable event management requires you to consider the need sand values of different stakeholders that are impacted by your event. There are 9 categories you can take into consideration for your event to be sustainable across all 3sustainability pillars – profit, people, and planet. Join us to find out how to organize a sustainable event to remember and how to certificate it.

Genoveva Christova

The Creative Hub Sofia


Master of Science in International Economic Relations, University of Economy, Sofia / International Cluster Development Expert working in Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia / Co-Owner and Managing Director of Ligna Group / President Bulgarian Furniture Cluster / Vice – President Association of Business Clusters in Bulgaria / Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 – Award by EU Commission, Brussels -EY Winning Women Entrepreneurship Programme / Co-Founder MISSIA23 The Creative HUB in Sofia, in partnership with The Landing, MediaCity UK / Producer and manager of Victoria Georgieva – the Bulgarian representative at the Eurovision 2020


“Be Creative in a New Normal”

Creativity is an innate part of humans. And humans are innately creative. However, our creative side often gets overshadowed by routine work, various to-do's, and life in general. The recent corona crisis has shaken us off our usual routines and has made us re-evaluate how we live and work. For many, these changes presented an enormous challenge. However, these challenges have also helped us realize once again the true significance of creativity!

Martina Lucić Čanak



Martina is passionate about developing long-lasting tourism & travel brands that are high-quality, technology-smart, and strategically poised. She is particularly adept at handling projects that involve a complex variety of different pieces. Most of the time those jobs include creating strategies and action plans for developing new tourism products. Martina gets immense satisfaction from providing support to clients on their path to success and helping to nurture their brands. Her brend Magic4Club is a proud member of Pametni turizam (Smart tourism) initiative.


"AR (Augmented Reality) as a part of digital tourism product"

One of the most common questions was and still is how to create a digital innovative tourism product that will make sense on a global scale. For Advent Zagreb in 2020 we used Equinox platform as an AR tool for multiple purposes that connects client’s location with a location of branded/personalized virtual content. In the year of complete chaos, we developed a new high-tech story that has a huge potential to upscale the destination on another level.

Angeliki-Lina Milonaki

Film Office


Angeliki-Lina Milonaki is the head of the newly established Film Office of the Region of Central Macedonia (Greece). She brings in this post her 22 year-experience of the public sector, her capacity as a freelance journalist on culture, and her scholar presence in matters related to Greek cinema, as an acknowledged and published writer, speaker and teacher.


“Film Office: Supporting filming in Central Macedonia”

The newly established Film Office of the Region of Central Macedonia (Greece), based in the capital city of Thessaloniki, operates as a free public service, providing a wide range of services facilitating film and television projects that take place in the region. It also functions as a cultural hub for the enhancement of film tourism. Overall, the Film Office brings together local authorities, businesses, cultural organizations, and audiovisual professionals in the common goal to create and support a film-friendly environment in Central Macedonia.

Jaka Gornik

FM Agency


An event agency and a ticketing company felt the need to refocus. Together they created a Slovenian based solution for online events. Their new product is Confiva, an online event environment, and streaming platform. Imagine a real-life event only in digital form. Over their platform, a guest can register, and watch live or pre-recorded content. People can chat in chatrooms, network, and visit sponsor content.


“How to… bounce back up in the industry that is standing still?”

Year 2020 brought a complete one-eighty in the event industry. In this talk, we will walk you through the timeline of last year, the beginning of which was marked by optimistic plans with big successes ahead. But soon after the virus hit the world and almost completely shut down the field of the event industry, we had to think quickly and adapt ...That way, new solutions were born. 

Padraic Gilligan



Pádraic Gilligan and his partner Patrick Delaney run SoolNua, a highly reputable and sought after strategy and marketing agency advising destinations, agencies, hotels and associations on all aspects of MICE. SoolNua has a long association with Slovenia, having worked with the Slovenian Convention Bureau for the past 5 years. Gilligan also serves as Chief Marketing Officer for Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE).


“Incentive Travel Industry Index and New Europe”

The Incentive Travel Industry Index (ITII) is the world's biggest annual survey of incentive travel professionals. This year almost 3000 submissions were received. What is ITII telling us about incentives into and out of New Europe as we take tentative steps forward to a post pandemic world?

Grega Ugovšek

ETC Adriatic


Grega Ugovšek is event manager and co-owner at ETC Adriatic company. He first met with tourism industry as a tour guide and fell in love instantly. He completed the study at Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana and is working in tourism branch ever since. He specialises in creative events that require a lot of communication with guests. With his function as coordinator of Kamnik-Savinja Alps region he successfully complements knowledge from leisure tourism with event industry and vice versa.


“HOW TO... organise a virtual team-building"

In times like this virtual teambuildings are the only way to connect with your co-workers on other than professional level. Since we at ETC Adriatic specialise in teambuilding events we were challenged to adapt to the situation. Buying new equipment, quick transformation from event managers to movie directors and screenwriters, are just some of the tasks, that we had to go through. At Conventa Trend Bar New Europe, we will present to you, which challenges were the biggest, what did we do right and why we think that this is just the beginning.