Conventa Trend Bar 2020

After two years of travelling around the region and helping people create better events, the Conventa Trend Bar project has become an important support pillar for the entire Conventa trade show. Our Trend Bars have been carried out in Sofia, Bucharest, Sarajevo, Podgorica, Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Split, Lviv, Novi Sad, Varna, Thessaloniki, Šibenik, Budva and even at the IBTM Trade Show.

Succeeding in event management takes up-to-date knowledge. To create a memorable and unique event that will leave the participants speechless takes an event planner to be aware of every single detail; knowing the participants’ habits, being informed about the techniques of moderation and interaction, and last but not least, knowing the technological and other future trends. Conventa Trend Bar is a knowledge roadshow that travels around the region and helps people create better events!

A new season of Conventa Trend Bars started in Varna in February and continued in Ljubljana in March. Due to COVID-19, we had to change our plans for a while….. But we have some good news! The eagerly anticipated Conventa Trend Bars won’t be cancelled but rather moved into the online world.

Conventa Trend Bars have shifted to an online format

The main part of the Trend Bar is an interactive workshop, where Gorazd Čad, CEO of Toleranca Marketing and Co-founder of Conventa will be talking about a very trending topic: How to adapt your marketing strategies and exit the coronavirus crisis.

After a 40-minute workshop, the online stage will be given to the host, followed by a Q&A discussion with the participants.


We are excited to announce new dates and host destinations for the Autumn season of online Conventa Trend Bars.


8 OCTOBER 2020 AT 10:00

Virtual host: Bled Convention Bureau

Language: Slovenian

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Learn how to adapt to the new pandemic reality, find out more about interesting host destinations and establish new contacts, even if it's just through your laptop screen.