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The Celje Fair, located in the heart of Celje, represents one of the largest and most significant fairgrounds in Slovenia. With its rich history and tradition, it hosts a variety of events, from fairs to exhibitions, with the International Craft and Entrepreneurship Fair (MOS) standing out as one of the most recognizable events at this venue. In addition to the spectacular MOS, the Celje Fair also provides space for other specialized fairs, conferences, and diverse events that attract visitors and promote meetings and connections among entrepreneurs. The halls of the Celje Fair are not merely meant to shine during fairs; outside of these events, they transform into various spaces, such as warehouses, a karting hall, venues for concerts, exhibitions, and production spaces for shooting commercials and films. This demonstrates the versatility and adaptability of the spaces, constantly fostering and supporting diverse activities. As part of the Celje Fair, the Celje Congress Centre Celje rises, further solidifying its position as an important event and conference destination in the city of Celje, Slovenia. Its central location ensures easy access for visitors, while infrastructure includes several conference halls and meeting rooms of various sizes, equipped with modern audio-visual equipment. This diversity of spaces allows for the organization of various events, including conferences, seminars, business meetings, exhibitions, concerts, and other activities as well as event organization services, including catering, technical support, and other key services that ensure the smooth and successful execution of events. With their diverse offerings, both the Celje Fair and Congress Centre Celje continuously enrich the cultural, economic, and business life in the region. For a better understanding, you can take a virtual tour through our halls:
Dečkova cesta 1. Celje, Slovenia

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