Židana Marela

A CREATIVE TRAVEL & EVENT COMPANY Our mission is to create a bridge between tourism and our country's values, traditions and people. We do more than organise events and congresses. We support over 100 different associations across Slovenia. Children, adults and veteran performers – dancers, singers, musicians,…LIVE CULTURE with people representing our country. Tourism is more than visits to museums, castles and churches. It is the people who bring our culture to life! We now offer many specialized travel products: from traditional Slovenian evenings and culture shows to photography tours, food & wine tours from stag parties to short trips and we’re still expanding. Find out more at: - www.zidanamarela.com - www.slovenia-culture.com - www.slovenian-evening.com
Vrhovci C X/28, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Dragana Manova Ćulibrk

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