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We understand you may have some questions about Conventa. Rest assured, here at Conventa we are committed to serving you in the best way we possibly can. However, before contacting Conventa team about any questions you may have, we would appreciate it if you could look over the list of frequently asked questions to see if we can answer your question first. They may provide an answer to your question. If you didn’t find the answer you were looking for please contact the Conventa Team for further assistance.


How do I register to become a Hosted Buyer? The first step is to fill out the Application form at our website.
If your are coming from Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Northern Italy, Serbia or Montenegro you shall apply as a regional buyer.
How do I qualify as a Hosted Buyer? To be accepted as Hosted buyer, applicant should meet strict qualifying criteria. To qualify for the hosted buyer programme meeting planners come from an agency, association or be corporate buyers who are responsible for planning, organising, recommending or making financial decisions for events outside their home count.
What’s included for a Hosted Buyer? Return flight, airport and local transfers, two overnights at 4**** hotel in Ljubljana, daily meals, personal itinerary of appointments, networking opportunities, fam trips, Conventa support team before, during and after the show
When will I know if I have been accepted for the Hosted Buyer program? You will receive an email from the Conventa team confirming your status.
I am interested in bringing a Hosted Buyer group. How can I arrange this? Please contact Mr. Gorazd Cad on
Is there a cancelation fee if I need to cancel my registrations? If you need to cancel your participation at the show, you must inform the Organiser in writing. The cancellation will not be effective until you have received a written acknowledgement from the Organiser. Cancellations received on or before 15 December 2022 do not incur a fee, unless the flight has been agreed and confirmed. If the flight has already been confirmed the cost of the flight will be charged. Cancellations received after 16 December 2022 will incur a fee of 400 EUR. Charges will be debited from the credit card detailed on your application.


What are the commitments as a Hosted Buyer?
When you are confirmed as a hosted buyer, you commit to spend your full programme days at Conventa show and to network with the Conventa Exhibitors. . Hosted buyers who are accepted by Conventa commit to attend a minimum of ten one-to-one appointments per day of attendance at Conventa. For two days attendance at the show a minimum of 15 one-to-one appointments has to be scheduled in advance. Hosted Buyers on average attend 24 meetings during Conventa.


Why do I need to stay at the show for the full day if I have attended my required one-to-one appointments?
Conventa organiser is aware of the importance of networking. Thus it invest a lot of effort to enable hosted buyers and exhibitors to network in stress free environment. Attending Conventa is not just fullfilling required number of one-to-one meetings. Conventa is the perfect place for social networking. Statistics proof that hosted buyers enjoy these benefits that enable them to meet new people with new ideas and opportnities.


Can I change hotels?
All hosted buyers will be accommodated in Conventa partner 4 star hotels. From all Conventa partner hotels there will be shuttle transfers organised to the venue and to social events. Hosted Buyers would be encourged not to change the hotels they are booked in.


Are meals provided?
All meals during your stay at Conventa including fam trips are organized and covered by the organizer. Should you have dietary requirements please inform Ms. Natalija Bah Čad,


Can I extend my stay in the hotel?
Yes, this will be at your own expense and subject to availability. Please inform the organiser before flight confirmation.


Can I change the flights that Conventa booked for me? Depends on availability and routing. Please contact Hosted Buyer Manager.
Need to change your travel arrangements? Please contact Hosted Buyer Manager.
Is on-ground transfer organized? Conventa will arrange return airport transfers and all transfers within destination (hotel – venue – hotel and hotel – evening functions – hotel).
Do I need Visa to come to Slovenia? Slovenia is a member of European Union and part of Schengen agreement. For further information please check: Entry into the Republic of Slovenia and the Schengen Area.
How far is it from my airport to Ljubljana? Ljubljana Airport to Ljubljana = 26km / 25 minutes Klagenfurt Airport to Ljubljana = 87km / 1 hour, 50 minutes Trieste Airport to Ljubljana = 124 km / 1 hour, 40 minutes Zagreb Airport to Ljubljana = 150 km / 1 hour, 50 minutes Marco Polo/Venice Airport to Ljubljana = 231 km / 2 hours, 40 minutes

What is the maximum refund for my flights or travel costs refund, if I am travelling by car or train? Maximum refund is 250 EUR including airport taxes.
Can I leave Conventa earlier if I book my own travel? No, your commitment is to attend the show as per programme submitted by the Organiser.
Where can I find the flight refund form? Conventa team will send it to you by email.


What is a pre-scheduled Appointment and how are my appointments made? A pre-Scheduled Appointment is a 20-minute one to one appointment between a buyer and an exhibitor on the Conventa show floor. Each buyer must select a minimum of 10 exhibitors (per day of attendance) or 15 exhibitors (per two days of attendance) they would like to meet with. Your matched and confirmed appointments will then be shown in the Agenda menu.
Which browsers officially support the One2One application? We recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The application will not work properly in Safari.
Where can I find the website for pre-scheduling appointments? The link to the website, your e-mail, password and detailed instructions were send to your e-mail. Please check your junk mail if you did not receive it or write to
What are the deadlines to make appointments? From 9  to 16 January 2023 only Hosted buyers will be able to invite Exhibitors for meetings. From 17 January 2023 also Exhibitors will be allowed to invite Hosted Buyers. System will close on 30 January 2023.
How do I select my pre-scheduled appointments in advance? Detailed instructions will be sent to you by e-mail.
Is there a Mobile APP available for arranging meetings? Yes. Mobile APP will be available.
How do I view / print my diary of appointments at Conventa? Detailed instructions will be available later.


Where can I find the diary to make appointments?
Your diary will be in One2One system for prearranging meetings 5 weeks prior to Conventa.


Can I make less than 8 appointments per day and just turn up to the stand?
No. You are required to preschedule your minimum requested number of meetings.


Can I see a full list of exhibitors so I can decide who to make my appointments with?
5 weeks prior to Conventa you can log in to your One2One system for prearranging meetings and see the full list of exhibitors.


Is there a dress code? Conventa is a focused business-to-business event, thus dress code within the Conventa programme is business casual. When attending a fam trip we advise smart casual attire.
When will I get my Conventa badge? You will receive your badge at registration desk at Welcome reception or registration desk at Conventa venue. Conventa badge holders must wear their badges at all times to gain access to the Conventa area and to ensure their unrestricted movement within the Conventa area.
Are there shuttle buses from the/to airport? Yes. Everything will be arranged by Conventa team. You will be informed in time by the Organiser.
Are there shuttle buses from my hosted hotel to the show and back? Yes. Everything will be arranged by Conventa team.
Are there shuttle buses from my hosted hotel to evening functions and back? Yes. Everything will be arranged by Conventa team.
What will the weather be like? The climate of the Slovenia can be described as typical European continental influenced climate with warm, dry summers and fairly cold winters, while the coastal areas and the lowlands in the south have a Mediterranean influenced climate. End of January / beginning of February can still be quite cold with daytime temperatures usually around 1 to 10 degrees celsius. For the latest weather forecast, please click here.

Travel and accommodation details will be available with your hosted buyer confirmation submitted by the Organiser.

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