Reducing the negative environmental effects of the event is one of Conventa’s most valuable goals. Conventa strives to be sustainable in the long run through an established system of constant improvements. 

We pledge to execute the event sustainably by adhering to our evolved CONVENTA 5R model i.e. Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse.

Our task is clear – to make Conventa carbon-free by 2035. We plan on achieving this with a series of measures, including hosting the event in hybrid form, enabling us to execute the project regardless of the epidemiological situation. More importantly, hybrid Conventa will reduce the project’s carbon footprint. 

Pledge to RETHINK

1. We ensure a stable business model 

Over the years, the Conventa project has established itself on the market, partly because it is managed in accordance with all legal legislation, regulations and codexes. We take into account high standards of business ethics and incorporate sustainability into all our business decisions. 

2. Purchasing responsibly

We consider every purchase carefully, and whenever possible, order goods and services with a smaller environmental impact that ensures saving natural resources, material and energy, and has the same or better functionalities. 

3. Promoting sustainability

We ensure all partners and employees are aware of our sustainable pledge, goals and policy. We use our reputation to promote events that are responsible towards the environment, attendees and not least, society. 

Pledge to REDUCE

4. Sustainable mobility 

Conventa is committed to encouraging its guests, partners, exhibitors and employees to arrive at the event by selecting environment-friendly transportation. The project’s logistics are tailored to our sustainable endeavours. 

5. Reducing waste

We strive to produce as little waste as possible and to sort waste appropriately. The consumption of paper, plastic and other nature-harming products is being reduced annually. If possible, we always select merchandise without plastic or opt for products in reusable packaging. 

6. Event digitalisation 

Marketing, communication and meetings that take place between hosted buyers and exhibitors are completely digitalised at Conventa. Hence, the amount of used paper and energy is reduced, whilst the user’s experience is perennially improved.  

7. Energy efficiency

We seek to have a highly energy-efficient event by measuring electricity consumption and reducing it by purchasing energy-efficient computers and hardware. We encourage partners, particularly venues, to optimise their energy efficiency.  

Pledge to REUSE

8. Exhibitor stands

Our exhibitor stands comprise wooden boxes made from Slovenian wood that we have recycled for thirteen years in a row. We will continue to develop and advocate the use of nature-friendly materials for exhibitor stands. 

9. Exhibitor equipment

Exhibitor equipment and signs are made from environment-friendly material (recycled cardboard). All signs are meticulously stored and reused every year. We have started to implement digital signs for labelling. 

10. Measuring our carbon footprint

In cooperation with our partners, we measure greenhouse gas emissions correlating to waste. Our reuse achievements are shared with our partners and the public. 

Pledge to RECYCLE

11. Recycling paper waste

The largest part of waste after an event is printed materials. We encourage exhibitors to use digital forms of promotion. All paper waste after the event is strictly recycled. 

12. Leftover food

We try to avoid excess food by carefully planning social events.  In cooperation with official catering organisations, any leftover food following the event is given to the underprivileged and those in need. 

Pledge to REFUSE

13. No to intolerance

We advocate fostering respect, acceptance and tolerance among all attendees. We respect human rights and do not allow any form of discrimination based on gender, age, sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs, culture or illnesses. 

14. From the field to the plate

We do not accept culinary offer that is not local. Our approach is to incorporate local catering service providers and providers of other gastronomic services. Conventa favours local, ecologically produced and seasonal ingredients from traceable sources that are less harmful to the environment. 

16. No plastic

Conventa joins the global movement led by Greenpeace to stop the use of plastic in tourism: That is why we hold educational programmes and monitor the use of plastic. Conventa is particularly unwelcoming towards PET(E) single-use plastic.

The above-mentioned segments are only a summary from the entire list comprising 160 criteria enabling us to perpetually improve Conventa’s sustainability. 

The purpose of these measures is to boost sustainable development while contributing to reducing the negative environmental effects of organising events. We expect our guests, partners and suppliers to join us on our mission. 

We have prepared practical instructions for individual groups that can be viewed at the following links: 

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