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The activities and decisions of Conventa’s partners leave behind traces that result in the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air at events. You can start reducing your carbon footprint by taking small steps. 

Read the ten tips below and help reduce your carbon footprint as a Conventa partner. 

1. Sustainable commitment

As partners, you should commit yourself to Conventa’s sustainable policy. With active cooperation, you will make a substantial contribution to reducing the event’s carbon footprint. 

2. Empowering coworkers

Spread awareness about Conventa’s sustainable commitment among all coworkers involved in the project. As part of event preparation, make them aware of how to reduce harmful effects on the environment. You should educate them on the topic several times a year. 

3. Access to healthy drinkable water

Enable access to drinkable water for all Conventa’s attendees. The participants can pour the water into reusable water bottles. 

4. Energy efficiency

When possible, opt for energy-efficient electric and ITKT equipment and lighting. Moreover, show your environment-friendly aspirations by acquiring official certificates (Energy Star and the like). 

5. Reduce waste 

As partners of Conventa, we encourage you to strictly reduce, reuse and sort waste (paper, glass and plastic). Place waste into suitable containers. 

6. Avoid plastic

Albeit plastic is light, cheap, omnipresent and inevitably necessary, it is among the world’s greatest pollutants. Strive to use plastic minimally and, by all means, recycle it. 

7. Cleaning

For cleaning, opt for certified ecological cleaning agents (Ecolagel, etc.). Furthermore, introduce control over the consumption of cleaning agents. 

8. Food waste

Food waste is responsible for 7% of all greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. Hence, start thinking about ways to reduce food waste. 

9. Remote work

Encourage coworkers to work from home, as it contributes to a greener environment by reducing emissions caused by daily commutes.

10. Ordering green goods and services

If possible, choose goods and services that have a smaller effect on the environment and enable saving natural resources, materials and energy, and have the same or even better functionality. Prove your green thinking with appropriate environmental certificates. 


In cooperation with Conventa’s green team, measure your company’s amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Try to reduce it every year and thus make a valuable contribution to Conventa’s aspiration to reduce the event’s emissions by 70 per cent by 2040. 

In Ljubljana, 14% of car trips are made for less than a kilometre, whilst 40% of car trips are made for distances of less than 5 kilometres. 

Above all, share your positive experiences with your business partners and help us spread the word about Conventa’s green story. We can take steps towards more sustainable and responsible events together. 

Keep us informed about your green practices and achievements, and we will spread the word on Conventa’s website. 

Living green events is actually not that hard!

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