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The activities and decisions of event attendees leave behind traces that result in the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air at events. You can start reducing your carbon footprint by taking small steps. 

Read the ten tips below and help reduce your carbon footprint at Conventa. 

1. Travel environment-friendly

Travel to Slovenia by train or bus, or choose an air carrier that invests in programmes for reducing its carbon footprint. Find the shortest possible flight connection. 

2. Car sharing pays off

If possible, come to the event with colleagues from your destination. Car sharing is crucial for reducing the carbon footprint and also reduces travel costs. 

3. Cover short distances on foot

Our advice is to go on foot, cycle or use public (or group) transport ensured by the organiser for short distances. 

4. Find accommodation in partner hotels

Stay in one of the hotels that boast a responsible ecological policy and are Conventa partners. By choosing a partner hotel, you support the local economy. 

5. Help reduce the amount of exhibitor waste

Use exhibitor signs and promotional materials offered by the organiser. The materials are environment-friendly (recycled cardboard). By doing so, you will considerably reduce the amount of waste the event produces. 

6. Reduce the amount of printed material

At your stand, reduce the use of printed material and replace them with digital promotion tools. After the event, carry unused materials with you and use them on other occasions. 

7. Abolish plastic gifts

Avoid gifts for participants that are made of environmentally unacceptable materials, particularly single-use PET plastic. Think about the usefulness of gifts for hosted buyers. 

8. Purchase wisely

Wherever and whenever you purchase products during the event, opt for products with less plastic and consider what you really need.

9. Share your experiences and good practice cases

The organisers will be thrilled if you decide to share your experiences about preserving the environment with us and the rest of Conventa’s attendees. Send us news and accomplishments that we will share on Conventa’s website. 

10. Drink healthy water

Ljubljana is renowned for its drinkable water. We suggest you bring a reusable water bottle to the event and enjoy healthy drinkable water. 

Every year, more than 350 million tons of plastic is produced throughout the world. Around 15 million tons ends up in the seas, while only around 30 per cent of plastic in Europe is recycled. In 2019, Slovenia abolished the use of plastic shopping bags that have, unfortunately, still not disappeared completely. Let’s all play our part in reducing plastic pollution. 

Above all, share your positive experiences with your friends and business partners and help us spread the word about Conventa’s green story. We can take steps towards more sustainable and responsible events together. 

Living green events is actually not that hard!

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