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The activities and decisions of event attendees leave behind traces that result in the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air at events. You can start reducing your carbon footprint by taking small steps. 

Read the ten tips below and help reduce your carbon footprint at Conventa. 

1. Travel in an environment-friendly manner

Consider whether you can travel to an event in an eco-friendly way and coordinate that with the hosted buyers coordinator. If possible, opt for public transport, preferably train, or, in cooperation with the organisers, try to find individuals who would share a ride with you.

2. Use electronic communication

Arrange all your communication and documentation related to your event participation electronically. Do not print travel documents. Instead, download specific applications, including Conventa’s matchmaking app for meetings. 

3. Less is more

Travel light. Consider whether you need certain elements, and avoid extra weight. Moreover, avoid single-use products and excess plastic. 

4. Drink water from a reusable bottle

In Slovenia, we have healthy drinkable tap water. We recommend using reusable water bottles and enjoying nature- and environment-friendly water. 

5. Cover short distances on foot

Ljubljana is a city that is made for walking. Our advice is to go on foot, cycle or use public (or group) transport ensured by the organiser for short distances. 

6. Reduce the amount of excess plastic

Wherever and whenever you purchase products during the event, opt for products with less plastic and consider what you really need. 

7. Purchase local products

A quality lifestyle also includes spreading awareness about the origin of products and food you purchase and indulge in. At the event, buy locally in local stores that offer Slovenian produce. 

8. Avoid plastic

Avoid single-use plastic, double-check if a product or its packaging can be recycled and choose recycled items. Furthermore, choose reusable shopping bags. 

9. Advocate fair play

At the event, all communication is transparent, clear and appreciative. Respect diversity and help people with special needs. 

10. Be environmentally aware

Be a part of our aspirations, and remind our partners and exhibitors to adhere to the measures encouraged by the organisers. These include suitable waste management, reduced plastic use and energy efficiency. 

If you travel from Vienna to Ljubljana and back by car, your carbon footprint will be 166 kg CO2, whilst opting for a plane flight will result in a carbon footprint of 270 kg CO2. 

Above all, share your positive experiences with your friends and help us spread the word about Conventa’s green story. We can take steps towards more sustainable and responsible events together. 

Living green events is actually not that hard!

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