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The activities and decisions of event organisers leave behind traces that result in the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air at events. You can start reducing your carbon footprint by taking small steps. 

Read the ten tips below and reduce your carbon footprint within the Conventa team. 

1. Arriving at work

If possible, opt for public transport instead of cars or taxis. Moreover, decide to cycle or walk to work when possible. Consider the necessity of going on business trips and replace them with video conferences from our studio. 

2. Cover short distances on foot

When possible, go to meetings in Ljubljana by public transport or bicycle, or cover short distances on foot. 

3. Reduce the amount of office paper

Stop printing documents for meetings, reports or hard copies of electronic messages. Set double-sided printing as your default setting. If you must print, opt for recycled FSC/PEFC certified paper. 

4. Save energy

Replace standard light bulbs with energy-efficient ones and turn off lights whenever they are not needed. Shut off computers and other devices that are not in use. Additionally, manage energy-efficient cooling and heating systems. 

5. Reduce the amount of waste

Avoid single-use products such as paper cups, plastic containers and towels. Strictly recycle all waste into purposefully placed rubbish bins.  

6. Avoid plastic

Avoid all types of plastic, particularly plastic food containers. Make sure to strictly sort and recycle plastic and waste. On average, we use about 150 to 300 plastic bags every year. Always use reusable shopping bags instead. 

7. Choose quality over quantity

Less purchasing equals less waste. If you cannot avoid shopping, choose products that can be mended and last longer. Purchase used or recycled products when possible. 

8. Food

Choose locally produced food, and consider reducing the amount of meat and other products of animal origin you consume. That way, you will make a valuable contribution to saving energy and fuel, thus reducing your carbon footprint. 

9. Drink healthy water

Ljubljana is renowned for its drinkable water. Pour yourself a glass of tap water instead of bottled water. Thus, you will contribute to reducing plastic waste and, more importantly, decide be consuming a much cheaper solution considering that tap water in Slovenia is, on average, 225 times cheaper than bottled water. 

10. Give away useful items

After your events, make sure to give away useful items others might need. 

Remote work

Working from home contributes to a greener environment by reducing emissions caused by daily commutes. Arrange a smart timetable with the  Conventa management board. 

If you increase the temperature in your building by 1°C in the summer or reduce it by 1°C in the winter, you will save 10% of your energy consumption. 

Above all, share your positive experiences with your friends and business partners and help us spread the word about Conventa’s green story. We can take steps towards more sustainable and responsible events together. 

Living green events is actually not that hard!

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