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Jezeršek Catering

Responsible Cuisine.

Jezeršek Catering stands as an innovative, sustainability-driven company, leading the way in catering and hospitality in Slovenia and ranking among the top 10 catering organizers and providers in Europe.

Aware of the pivotal role of sustainable practices for a better tomorrow, Jezeršek Catering has committed to optimizing its business and organizational activities under the brand of Responsible Cuisine. The company is dedicated to embracing change and progress towards sustainable catering, recognizing that every event has the potential for a positive impact on the environment and the community. Thus, in its sustainability business strategy for 2021-2027, Jezeršek Catering is devoted to implementing measures that promote eco-friendly practices.

With a focus on reducing food waste, Jezeršek Catering strides confidently into the future with a sustainability-oriented approach to innovation, effectively integrating artificial intelligence into its business processes.

In planning and executing sustainable catering events, the company ensures the inclusion of fresh, locally sourced ingredients from carefully selected suppliers, reducing food waste, and promoting recycling and reusability. Through these efforts, they aim to minimize their environmental footprint and contribute to the conservation of natural resources.


Jezeršek Catering’s commitment to the development of sustainable gastronomy is evidenced by the Green Key and Slovenia Green Cuisine certifications awarded to all four of its locations: Dvor Jezeršek, Restavracija Blejski grad and Grajska kavarna, Gostilna na Gradu, and Pivnica Union. Additionally, Dvor Jezeršek has been awarded the Slovenia Green Accommodation certification. These certifications showcase the company’s dedication to sustainable business practices, environmental responsibility, and the promotion of sustainability across all levels of operation.

Through its awareness campaign, Responsible Cuisine, Jezeršek Catering aims not only to influence its processes but also to educate and raise awareness among a wider audience including guests, clients, suppliers, and business partners about the importance of a sustainable approach to gastronomy. The campaign’s goal is to promote more responsible eating habits and resource management, as well as reduce food waste through the behavioral guidelines outlined in the Common-Sensitarian Diet Manifesto (Sing the manifest here). 

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