Conventa Trend Bar is going to IBTM World in Barcelona

Introducing the renowned Conventa Trend Bars—a hub for learning, networking, and sharing insights among industry experts in the meetings realm.

Exciting news! The Conventa Trend Bar is back on the move, embarking on a new journey! Prepare to immerse yourself in the dynamic evolution towards sustainability within the meetings industry, alongside visionary leaders pioneering this transformative change.

Our next destination?

The vibrant setting of IBTM World in Barcelona. Join us for an engaging discussion revolving around the theme: “Sustainability is like teenage sex. Everybody says they’re doing it, but very few people are actually doing it.”—a thought-provoking exploration into the stark contrast between mere claims and genuine action.

Secure your spot for the live stream now and be part of this enlightening conversation.

Check out the full programme here.

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