New edition of Conventa inspiring the next generation of industry talents

The final day of Conventa 2024 started with industry discussions at Conventa Trend Bar, where Gorazd Čad and Jan Oršič hosted industry experts who shed light on the perpetual development of talents in the industry and the importance of the Meetings Star Award and Conventa as catalysts of innovation.

The Ljubljana Talks podcast hosted the Styrian-born Ivo J. Franschitz, who joined Jan Oršič and Gorazd Čad to talk about decision-makers in politics and how to involve them in the meeting industry. The trio discussed how to inspire young talents and how the nascent Conventa Crossroads promoted meaningful discussions.

Drawing on decades of profound industry knowledge, Tatjana Radovič, the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, joined Jan Oršič and Gorazd Čad to discuss how Conventa grew from an infant to a self-assured adolescent who inspires everyone around it. Tatjana touched upon the transition of Ljubljana from socialist times to the modern-day outpost for meeting events it is today. Ljubljana, in many ways, became synonymous with Tatjana and vice versa, and for good reasons. What makes event organisers tick is professionalism and originality. Tatjana has both.

Miha Kovačič, who has been an integral part of Ljubljana’s meeting industry for over two decades, joined the Conventa Trend Bar to outline the pivotal trend in the meeting industry – dedication. Businesses don’t flourish overnight, and neither did Conventa. With 16 years of hard work, passion and constant improvements, Conventa brings together stakeholders who work tirelessly to develop their businesses.

“If you look for a well-paid 9-to-5 job, leave,” says Miha. This business is a place for those looking for a dynamic and innovative workplace while making friends globally and feeling the end-of-the-marathonesque sort of relief after a successfully organised event.

As Conventa’s epilogue, guests and exhibitors could enjoy lunch brought to them by local providers. Sustainability plays a visible role at Conventa, which is why the lunch at Conventa comprises a 70% plant-based and 30% meat diet. Conventa’s no-waste policy helped raise awareness among guests throughout the event.

Legendary fam trips of Conventa

Conventa also would not be Conventa without its legendary fam trips, where hosted buyers get to choose between 7 different locations to expand their personal and professional horizons. Taking place in Ljubljana, in the Gorenjska and Primorska regions, but also in regional hubs, including Zagreb and Belgrade, fam trips offer captivating blends of nature, culture and culinary excellence.

Conventa will return next year between 18 and 20 February 2025. Register your interest here.

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