#SAFECONVENTA How will we ensure a safely executed event?

As we prepare for Conventa, we are stemming our knowledge from the findings of Fieldlab’s test projects, which took place in the Netherlands in cooperation with TU Delft. They tested the safe execution of events in February 2021 at the “Back to Live” events. We have used their recommendations as a core part of our ten measures to ensure safety at Conventa.

The fundamental rule attendees will abide by at Conventa, is the rule of 1,5 metres of distance between them. A simple rule and among one of the most effective. It can be considered as a new standard for organising any type of event.

Our measures are as follow:

1. Safety addition to the registration process

Alongside the usual and commonly-known registration, all attendees will fill out a form, specifically designed to ensure health and safety, a week before arrival. Moreover, they will have to show their European vaccination passport. By following such measures, we will prevent high-risk individuals from attending Conventa. We will also enable participant monitoring in line with the instructions from the National Institute of Public Health. All information will be included in the official app of the event. With the help of acquired information, we will enable contactless registration.

2. Rapid antigen tests at the venue

Participants, who will not be vaccinated at least 3 weeks before the event, will be tested with rapid antigen tests upon arrival. The testing will be conducted by a professional staff, who will, if necessary, also measure the temperature of participants according to the guidelines published by the National Institute of Public Health.

3. High-risk groups and self-isolation

The process of safe registration and quick antigen testing will enable us to prevent particularly vulnerable or infected individuals from attending the event. However, we will also ensure a designated area for self-isolation in cooperation with the medical staff

4. Restriction of group size

Due to the transport of participants, individual groups of attendees will be limited. We will ensure the safety distance during the transport according to the regulations requirred by the National Institute of Public Health. At the event itself, a smart layout will prevent large groups from forming.

5. Event logistics

The logistic part will be specially tailored by following the simple logic of making the space of Conventa 50% larger. Such a strategy will help us follow the 1,5 metres rule. According to the standard DIN 15906, the space per participant before the corona crisis was

Before the crisisToday 
Theatre setting – 1,2 m2 per participant1,8 m2 per participant
Classroom setting – 1,6 m2 per participant2,4 m2 per participant
U setting – 1,8 m2 per participant2,7 m2 per participant

6. Ventilating and using outdoor spaces

We will place special attention on ventilation and ensuring quality air. The decision was made to constantly measure the quality of air and communicate it with attendees. Furthermore, we will demand special filters. If the weather will allow, we will execute the majority of social events outside.

7. Catering

Catering, known as a sort of Conventa trademark will be organised according to the regulations requested by the National Institute of Public Health. Every event, where conditions will be favourable, will be hosted outdoors. Hosting an event in August has its perks!

8. Personal protection and hygiene

A protective mask is by far the most effective measure one can take against the spread of the virus. Hence, masks will be used following the guidelines published by the National Institute of Public Health. Disinfectants, similarly to protective masks, have already become a household item of all events.

9. Attendee behaviour

This segment will be regulated by intelligible instructions, which will be highlighted at all points where attendees will be in touch with us. Moreover, all groups of attendees will be provided with infographics containing clear instructions. At the same time, our partners will make sure suitable information is provided at fam trips and accompanying activities.

10. SMART Conventa organisation

Conventa has acquired the “Safe and healthy meetings and events” certificate. Our goal is to elevate the organisation a step higher and execute the pilot project as a good practice case. That includes intensively preparing all key stakeholders to safely execute the project.

We wish to adequately document the entire process of ensuring safety and set an example in the form of recommendations. In any case, we will continue to adapt to the situation and follow the instructions of the National Institute of Public Health.

We will see you at #SAFECONVENTA from the 25th to the 26th of August 2021.

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