The second “SREČA-nje” convened leading Slovenian event organisers

The event was hosted at Diners CUBO Golf Course

The second summer meeting of Slovenian event organisers took place in mid-June. The event, celebrating events, creativity, and innovation, hosted a host of creative minds, from Ivo Koritnik, a seasoned scenographer, to Ivana Djilas, a famed regional theatre producer.

In Slovenian, we have a wonderful word for events – “srečanja” (sreča means happiness). In a way, we can claim our mission as event organisers is to make the participants of our events happy. That’s how we named our event, which we organised for the first time in February this year as part of the Conventa trade show. The response from Slovenian event organisers encouraged us to continue with SREČA-nja.

The idea to continue the dedicated event for Slovenian event organisers arose from the success of the premier event hosted in February. Among the speakers were Igor Savič, the father behind the most glamorous Slovenian events and CEO of marketing agency Poslovni mediji, as well as representatives of other marketing and event agencies, including Meta Pavlin from Prvi Prvi agencyAljaž Florjančič from Boldgroup and Aljaž Čad from Creative Pro Adriatic.

The first to step on stage was Igor Savič, an expert in strategic communication, who was among the pioneers in implementing content marketing in Slovenia. The list of media platforms he helped establish is more than a page long and arguably one of the best reference lists in Slovenia. Igor spoke about bringing A-level production to Slovenia with the Viktorji Awards.

What do scenography and theatre have in common with events?

Next on stage was Ivana Djilas, a theatre producer, writer and publicist. The moderator of the event, Gorazd Čad, introduced her as a feminist, artist, failed PhD student, novel writer, apartment and credit owner. Ivana Djilas reflected on her past projects, working with theatre actors and kids and her writing inspiration.

Expounding on another perspective of events, scenography, Ivo Koritnik, a designer and architect, reflected on how he envisaged the rooms and halls of countless TV productions. His works carry the unmissable graciousness, light and setting only he could create. Ivo emphasised that scenography must impress not only aesthetically but also visually with light.

Sustainability was another topic discussed at the event. Gorazd Čad welcomed Meta Pavlin, with whom they discussed the 7R model of Conventa and how everyone can contribute to a more responsible meetings industry.

Lastly, the event focused on hearing the perspectives of the younger generations. Aljaž Florjančič from Boldagency represented Gen Y, while Aljaž Čad from Creative Pro Adriatic represented Gen Z. The debate offered an insight into the thinking of up-and-coming talents about AI, creativity, theatre and leadership.

The event also touched upon music, especially rock’n’roll, underlining that music is a universal language understood by all. To highlight how music goes hand in hand with events, two legends of Slovenian rock music, Hamo and Peter Dekleva, entertained the audience in an intimate, acoustic setting.

The next event organised by Toleranca marketing, in partnership with Creative Pro Adriatic, will be the Conventa Crossover festival, taking place between 9 and 10 September 2024 in Ljubljana.

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