“Everything will be fine in 2022” says Conventa Co-founder

Conventa Remains With You 

On 12 March 2022, Slovenia will celebrate the second anniversary of the pandemic and the halting of public life. The pandemic has thrown us out of our comfort zone and most of us have been wondering how to keep our nerves calm, avoid cancellations and adapt to the situation with agility.

We went through different phases, from shock to despair, from mourning for the old days to accepting the situation and realising that we would have to somehow live with the virus. The virus has its own logic of survival, which can only be changed by taking care of ourselves and others. From the outset of the project, we have committed ourselves to minimising the negative impact of the event on the environment. In the same way, we have decided that consistently taking care of our health and the health of our participants will be a key guiding principle for Conventa.

The bottom line is that the crisis has presented us with urgent changes that we have accepted positively. The change started to happen as soon as we stopped thinking of the crisis as a catastrophe. This includes embracing digitalisation as a positive trend, which is closely linked to our goal of decarbonisation. The result is the Conventa hybrid platform, which last year, transformed into Conventa Week 1.0 for the first time. Hybrid solutions allow events to be held regardless of the epidemiological situation.

Through the Conventa platform, we have delivered 12 online Conventa Trend Bars, the Conventa Trend Bar New Europe educational event, the annual Conventa Trade Show, the Conventa Crossover conference and the Conventa Best Event Award in 2021. Our partners have closed over 2000 business meetings through our platform. All events were delivered in formats that the coronavirus situation at the time allowed. We are very proud of the fact that everything was done safely and efficiently, and we will build on the experience this year.

So, with a great deal of optimism and confidence, we promise you that everything will be fine this year. Above all, we will make sure you feel good in our company again and enjoy the positive summer energy in a safe and healthy way. We are motivated, willing and the coronavirus won’t stop us.

We will do our best to bring excellent hosted buyers to Slovenia and create another amazing Conventa Experience.

Gorazd Čad
Co-founder of Conventa

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