Lake Bled: incentive programs in the Land of Paradise

One does not need to go far to find a paradise on Earth with a backdrop of a fairytale. The paradise is named Bled and is located in the heart of the Julian Alps, only a 30-minute drive from Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana. 

Renowned for its pure beauty created by majestic nature, Bled is a compact city for hosting events with up to 1200 attendees. With a well-kept tourism infrastructure with a wide range of hotel facilities and culinary offers, organizers will be thrilled to explore the wide range of unique and authentic incentive programs that inspire and revoke the pristine connections among attendees. 

As a part of the Conventa Trade Show, attendees on the familiarization trip to Bled will have the opportunity to prepare the traditional Slovenian cake potica and to enter a time machine that will take them back to the 19th century with authentic experiences, including culinary delights and dances to typical wear of the time. 


Ethnological workshop of preparing and baking the traditional potica cake on the Bled Island 

In Bled, one of the top sights is, without a doubt, Bled Lake, with an island in the middle. To reach the lake, one can board the Lake Queens – Pletna boats, which are traditional boats made by locals and known only in Bled. After reaching the island, one needs to climb the 99 stone steps to reach the Church of the Mother, ring the wishing bell that echoes across the lake and carries thanks and prayers to the Mother of God into the sky. A well-kept hidden gem on the lake is the island’s bakery, Potičnica, where attendees will prepare and taste the queen of festive dishes, the Slovenian cake, potica. 


Sounds of Holidays in the vibe of the 19th century 

Potica, as the main star of the festive events in Slovenia, will also be served at an authentic, local, sustainable, and unique experience. Sound of Holidays invites you on an adventure to embrace the Slovenian tradition of holidays and celebrations in the villages of Bled in the 19th century. The three-hour experience starts at the village of Bodešče and continues with lantern illumination, leading to the half-thousand-year-old authentic Carniolan homestead. The master of the house, the housewife, and the other family members, dressed in the clothes of that time, welcome their guests as part of their family and conjure up an authentic festive atmosphere accompanied by folk music and dance. The indigenous and festive atmosphere is enriched by the feast of typical Slovenian dishes, with no shortage of homemade brandy and amusing village stories and tales about the Bled area and its personages. 

Welcome to Bled, a peaceful paradise oasis for rest and adventure 366 days a year! 

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