Danubius Hotels is worth a visit in 2024 too


Danubius Hotels offers the comfort of 12 hotels in Budapest, Balatonfüred, Győr, Bükfürdő and London. The more than 50-year-old legacy of hospitality will continue to create a future for upcoming professionals.

Danubius Hotels will offer unforgettable moments to our guests in 2024 through the continuous renewal of our iconic buildings. Danubius Hotels believes in increasing the quality of its properties and will continue its planned improvements and upgrades in 2024.


Renovation across the brand’s hotels

Renovated guest rooms and areas will be opened in three of its hotels in the spring. Danubius Hotel Helia introduces Lifestyle Suites, unique in Budapest, Danubius Hotel Annabella in Balatonfüred offers a new Premium room type, while Danubius Hotel Bük boasts a new wellness area and health spa services.


Danubius meetings and events

With several decades’ worth of experience, the staff of Danubius Hotels will take on your event

and ensure its success from conception to completion, thus taking the burden off your shoulders.

Find out more about Danubius Hotels here.

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