GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre takes further sustainable steps

Sustainable transformation is pivotal for fostering the development of the meetings industry. Venues play a crucial role and are pioneers in adopting sustainable initiatives. Sustainability is at the heart of the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre’s operations. The new solar panels on its roof will bolster its self-sufficiency and mark its pivot to green energy.

Constructed in August 2023, the solar electric plant has thus far generated 94,79MWh, enough to power 188 lightbulbs (60W) non-stop for a year. On average, the solar energy plant will generate 362MWh annually. Plans are already underway to expand the existing solar plant, constructed by a regional leader in solar electricity, Sol Navitas, this year. Thus, the new plant will create an additional 100MWh of electric energy. Ljubljana’s pioneering sustainable meeting venue will annually generate approximately 462MWh of electricity.

Ameliorating the effects of climate change

With the new additions to its premises, the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre will emit 460 tonnes less CO2, burn 38 tonnes less coal and help save 25.150 trees. In addition, the innovative design solution of the new solar plants will maximise the efficiency of the roof’s surface.

A best-case example of an urban solar electricity plant

Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre will also save funds and effort in heating and air-conditioning the halls, thus acquiring assets to invest in other fields of sustainability and development. The new solar plants are a best-case example of implementing a solar electricity plant in the very heart of the city without changing a venue’s instantly recognisable and protected architecture.

A slew of sustainable measures have been implemented at the venue to reach SDG goals, including waste management, energy-saving measures and eliminating plastic at almost all events. The venue’s additional electric plant has not altered the architectural design of the building and will already begin operating in springtime – the peak season for trade shows and trade fairs.

Learn more about the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre here.

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