Liberty Adriatic DMC leads the way in sustainable incentive travel

Delivering passion in incentive travel for more than 20 years

As the world embraces the need for sustainable practices, event organisers must adapt to meet the demands of a changing planet and increasingly discerning corporate clients.

Liberty Adriatic DMC recognises the critical role sustainability plays in shaping the future of events. That’s why they are thrilled that their CEO, Boštjan Horjak,  acts as Chief Sustainability Officer for Liberty International Tourism Group, which represents more than 100 destinations all over the world. This is a dream come true; to be able to help others around the world build a better and more sustainable meeting industry that will protect the world and ensure that it remains unspoiled for generations to come.

Boštjan’s unwavering commitment to ESG goals has set Liberty Adriatic DMC apart and paved the way for sustainable event practices. Even though sustainability had not yet become a mainstream requirement, Boštjan’s vision and foresight paved the way for the creation of pioneering incentive travel programs that emphasized sustainable practices.

Liberty Adriatic DMC presents a strong team of specialist destination managers who have explored every inch of the Adriatic. Our mission is to empower teams and drive growth through transformative experiences. We can plan your trip in our sleep because this is what we know best and what we love.

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