Meet the green exhibition system WEM stand at Conventa 2024!

WEM stand is attending Conventa for the first time to show a new alternative in exhibition & event installation systems. Flexibility in space & time, tool-free setting up, natural materials – yes, it’s possible.

So what is the WEM stand? It is a compact & modular event installation that provides a spectacular appearance and effective exhibitor-guest experience for different-sized stand areas. It is extremely quick & easy to set up and when it is not in use it fits in a suitcase.

The creation of WEM Stand was mostly inspired by Hungarian wine exhibitions and tastings. The team at WEM Stand observed the infrastructure of different events from the perspective of brand representation, guest experience and sustainability. They felt there was room for improvement in this field, so they created the WEM stand.


An easy-to-use and sustainable exhibition stand

They started to research and design based on consultations with wineries, and the result became an easy-to-use and sustainable exhibition stand. When they entered the market in 2021, they realized that the system works well for not only wineries and other companies in hospitality but it is also useful for makers, artists, publishers, and beauty professionals, as it is all about telling the story of their products elegantly & efficiently.

Learn more about the WEM Stand here.

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