Nomad Hotel: A year-round boutique mountain hotel

Opened just two years ago, Nomad Hotel is an architectural masterpiece featuring various types of luxurious rooms and offering exceptional customer service and a range of facilities in the pristine nature of Bjelašnica Mountain, the third-highest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Magnificence, Exclusivity and Luxury Just Half an Hour Away From Sarajevo

All the hotel amenities combined with an appealing and warm atmosphere make Nomad Hotel a mountain boutique hotel: in addition to being magnificent in every sense of the word and located on the mountain, Nomad Hotel’s services and experiences are tailored to cater to individual guest needs and preferences, and its pleasant and comfortable interior and décor make the hotel exclusive and luxurious.

What makes Nomad Hotel so unique and sets it apart from many other mountain hotels in Europe is its proximity to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, its facilities, and its proximity to the Sarajevo International Airport—it is a 30-minute ride from Sarajevo to the hotel and only a 20-minute ride from the airport to the hotel.

This makes it easier to get to the hotel, which is open all year round for a relaxing holiday, a getaway and ‘escape’ from the hustle and bustle of city life, but also for an active holiday exploring the beautiful scenery of Bjelašnica Mountain, hiking, walking, and partaking in other activities.

Principles of Sustainable Business and Respect for Nature for an Unforgettable Experience

The hotel has 51 rooms of varying sizes, a wellness and spa area, both a world-class modern and a traditional-style kitchen and restaurant, a conference hall, and other services and facilities. It actively integrates sustainability principles into its business practices, respecting the natural heritage of the area it is located in.

By infusing tradition with innovation and new technologies and the politeness and expertise of all hotel staff into an attractive and authentic offer, always paying attention to the smallest details, the hotel’s goal has been the same all along—to make guests feel comfortable during their stay in the hotel and have the guests leave and come back again happy with the unforgettable experience the hotel created for them.

Journalists from neighbouring countries (Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia) were able to see for themselves the quality of the offer during a study visit that took place from 8-10 November 2023. They also had a chance to take part in various activities that hotel staff are regularly involved in.

Winter Season—Direct Ski Route From the Hotel to the Ski Slopes

Journalists stayed at the hotel before the onset of the winter season. Thanks to its location right next to the ski slopes, which is why it attracts skiing enthusiasts and people who find joy in outdoor winter activities in the winter season, the hotel already has a positive outlook for the winter season and quite a few room reservations.

Bjelašnica Mountain, whose highest peak sits at 2,067 metres above sea level, shone brightly as a ski destination during the 14th Winter Olympic Games—the 1984 Olympics that took place in Sarajevo and the surrounding towns and mountains. It hosted the men’s alpine skiing competitions, which were rated by many as the best and most challenging runs in Europe.

There is also Babin Do, a tourist centre visitors frequent all year round. It sits at 1,250 metres above sea level and has become both a local hotel hotspot and a ski tourism centre featuring shops, bars, restaurants, and a souvenir shop. Moreover, Nomad Hotel nestles right next to a modern ski slope boasting ski boot heaters, which provides guests with a superior skiing experience like no other.

The hotel is characterised by an excellent price-quality ratio, and it was designated as one of the three leading hotels in the region’s congress tourism sector.

The hotel has programmes and activities in place for the whole year, including the winter season, to suit all types of guests and ages, from younger to older guests, from couples to families with children, and from tourist groups or individual travellers. Furthermore, business events make up a large portion of the hotel’s business.

Open to Everyone With an Excellent Price-Quality Ratio

Among the many services offered by the hotel, it is also possible to arrange car transfers for those who do not come by car. Plenty of parking space is available, as well as electric car charging stations and electric bicycles. Furthermore, the hotel has a 550-square-metre wellness and spa centre dedicated to guest relaxation and well-being, featuring a swimming pool, saunas, a well-equipped fitness area, and other facilities offering enchanting views of the surrounding nature.

Nomads of Ancient Times and Nomads of Today

Interestingly, the hotel’s history is linked to that of nomads, because the name Nomad ‘draws’ on ancient times, from the Roman Empire onwards, and the history of nomads in the mountain hills and valleys. These were people who took shelter and lived there fleeing persecution, or who were passing on their faith, or who were traders, or because they were wanderers, or for other historical reasons.

With the development of the global tourism and travel industry over the past 60 years, present-day human beings have actually become “travellers”, while tourists have become “modern nomads”.

Mesud Ljuhar, Nomad Hotel Director, says:  “I’m tremendously honoured that Nomad Hotel had the opportunity to host journalists from the region and that they were able to enjoy their stay at the hotel, but also to get to know all the wonderful things that Bjelašnica Mountain has to offer.”

“We’re ready for the winter season, and we eagerly await welcoming our guests. The hotel rooms are being filled up, and I can already say that we expect a really good season ahead. Nomad Hotel invites you to spend your holidays in its beautiful setting near Sarajevo, and to enjoy nature and good company.”

Take a look at what accommodations the hotel has available and special offers on the hotel’s official website:

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