Saalfelden Leogang named one of the 10 best travel regions in the world

The renowned travel publisher Lonely Planet has chosen the region as one of the top 10 best holiday destinations in the world. Saalfelden Leogang is the only tourism region in Austria to have made it into the 224-page anniversary edition, which this year has the motto “50 destinations for 50 years of travel”.

For the annual “Best in Travel” issue, a total of 220 experts are interviewed and the world’s most up-and-coming travel hotspots and hottest insider tips are chosen. “For us, this is a great award and, above all, great international publicity. Lonely Planet is one of the most successful independent travel publishers in the world and is known for the high quality of its travel information. On their website alone, around five million visitors are counted every day, especially in the English-speaking markets, Lonely Planet is very important,” says Marco Pointner, Managing Director of Saalfelden Leogang Touristik GmbH.

Photo: Saalfelden Leogang Touristik GmbH

The following figures show the importance of the publishing house in the travel industry: Lonely Planet employs a total of 400 people in offices in Melbourne, Oakland and London, who travel around the globe all year round. The publishing house has a total of over 500 titles in its programme, of which about 270 are travel guides. The credo is: reliable information, researched by authors who do not hold back their opinions. Lonely Planet has received several awards for its books and travel guides.

The top 10 holiday destinations of 2024 include countries such as Mongolia, India and Morocco, the Basque Country, Kangaroo Island, Tuscany and cities such as Nairobi, Prague and Montreal.

Learn more about Saalfelden Leogang here.

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