Unlocking Homework: ONOMA Hotel’s Fun & Bold Meetings and Events Venues

It feels like home but even better. “Homework” is the perfect flexible, multipurpose venue setting for contemporary out-of-the-box meetings, conferences, social receptions, parties and get-togethers. With a stylish home-like decor, flooded with natural light, surrounded by homey objects, any event becomes exciting and un-boring. “Homework” can be modified and adapted to host from a few people to the crowd of your dreams.

The Library

Use the creative vibes of the “Library” to organize business meeting experiences far more original and unexpected than the ones you are used to. This is the place where the next big idea is born.

The Living Room

Comfortable couches and laid-back furniture are signalling the new way of conducting business meetings. No more boring frigid spaces but a home-like atmosphere that unlocks the best potential in everyone.

Photo: Onoma Hotel

The Dining Room

Catch up with your business partners in the perfect ambience of your “Dining Room”. A U-shape innovative style will be your “table” where inspiration, creation, and innovation will be your key points. At ONOMA, we are ready to serve you any time you wish!

The Playroom

Nowhere in the hospitality world will you find a networking tool that it is as fun and exciting. The Playroom offers its pool of balls as a space to conduct business away from business. The colourful balls operate as a great mood lifter.

We take games and playing very seriously when it comes to bonding and releasing stress. Use the Playroom as the playful backdrop for even the most important get-together.

Photo: Onoma Hotel

The Boardroom

After all those video conferencing, we know a face-to-face meeting is all you want right now.
“Boardroom” revamps the traditional business setting with an energetic space designed to spark imagination and set minds racing.

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