Inese Lukaševska: “Conventa Best Event Award can become an ambassador for creativity”

Interview with Inese Lukaševska, jury member of the Conventa Best Event Award competition

Ahead of the Conventa Best Event Award 2024, the central and one of the oldest event competitions in Europe, we spoke to jury members who shared their thoughts on the most important event criteria, selecting winners and the role of event competitions.

Q1: What do you consider the most important criteria when evaluating projects?

We can talk about a set of criteria – results achieved and demonstrable in comparison with the set goal, the idea, its unorthodoxy, the ability to integrate innovation, but not as an end in itself, but as part of the story, the unconventional approach to the project implementation process, and the tools used. But, of course, it is all about creativity and the meaningfulness of the project. It is important that the form goes hand in hand with the content. Ideally, also by promoting change, whether that change is on an issue such as public attitude, reducing discrimination, promoting well-being or something else. Because events are the most powerful living communication tool through which to promote positive, meaningful change in the world. In the end, the most important thing is that the event must be able to awaken our dormant emotions and speak to the soul of the audience, leaving a lasting imprint. It is a difficult task, but nothing less should be inspired in our industry.

Q2: How would you define the mission of the Conventa Best Event Award?

To contribute to the development of the events industry by raising public awareness of the events industry and its power to bring change at a socio-political level.


Q3: What do you believe should be the key message when selecting the winners of the competition?

We choose special occasions, not events. It doesn’t matter if they are small, big, with impressive budgets or minimal. We choose projects that surprise us with creativity and strategic vision; projects that have achieved significant and, last but not least, demonstrable results.

Q4: What is the role of European event competitions?

Although the competition spans the European continent, its role is much stronger than simply celebrating the best events or providing a platform to raise the profile of those working in the events industry. I think the competition can become an ambassador for creativity in the world. It can help the European region become a quality standard and a benchmark.

“I have managed to create an agency that has been ranked in the top 20 in the world for several years.”

Q5: Which achievements and milestones are you most proud of in your career?

Just one. The fact that with no employees, no budget, share capital of 2800 euros, no clients at the moment and no external support, I have managed to create an agency that has been ranked in the top 20 in the world for several years, that has won 20 awards in all the most prestigious competitions in the world in the last five years and that its events have been voted the best in the world for five years in a row in a wide range of categories from cultural, social and change-making projects to the corporate sector. An agency that has become a global symbol of creativity, out-of-the-box ideas and achieving impossible missions.

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