GoOpti helps you cut down travel costs when attending events in Slovenia

The GoOpti transportation platform has been giving logistic support to conference delegates and event organizers in Slovenia for several years now. According to experience, here are some practical pieces of advice about how delegates (and organizers) can cut down travel costs and have a more enjoyable experience.

Choose the most convenient flight from a nearby airport

When searching for the most convenient flight to reach Slovenia, there are more choices than one might think. Slovenia’s geographical position allows visitors to opt for neighboring countries’ airports in Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Austria. They are all serviced by the GoOpti network with reliable and efficient transfers from airports to any desired location in Slovenia at an affordable price.

Replace short haul flights

Instead of short-haul flights (for example from Vienna to Ljubljana) you can choose a shared minivan transfer. GoOpti, in fact, is the only long distant transfer provider that also connects larger cities. It is not only a cheaper option but also a more sustainable one that considerably lowers your carbon footprint.

Van hire with driver

For delegates it can be handy to have a flexible transportation solution that can adjust according to their needs on the location. Instead of renting their own vehicle, it can be easier and cheaper to hire a GoOpti van with a professional driver that can take care of their airport transfer, transportation to venues, hotels and also excursions.

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