Jezeršek Catering blazing a trail for sustainable catering

The leading Slovenian catering provider rolled out a unique concept of zero food waste at Conventa

In order to organise environmentally responsible and sustainable events, event organisers must consider all aspects of the event, including mobility, venues, accommodation, and catering. While many meeting planners often include sustainably-aware catering companies, they often overlook the impact of food waste and carbon footprint. At Jezeršek Catering, though, they not only offer fresh, seasonal, and local products from trusted suppliers, they meticulously measure the food waste and ensure surplus food is donated.

Jezeršek Catering unveiled a unique Smart Scale and Eco Guardian Bin at Conventa’s gala reception after the Meetings Star Awards. The unique waste-saving solution, powered by AI, enabled attendees to measure the amount of wasted food accurately.

Moreover, Jezeršek Catering further empowered attendees to consider their dietary choices by offering more sustainable local and seasonal dishes as alternatives to meat-based options. The renowned trailblazing catering company, which has been setting trends in the catering industry for over 40 years, developed a sustainable business strategy for 2021–2027 two years ago, with the primary goal of reducing food waste placed at the centre of its sustainability vision.

Photo: Marko Delbello Ocepek

“Responsible Cuisine” – a quintessential part of modern events

As part of the “Responsible Cuisine” awareness campaign, the catering company prompted guests to reflect on how each individual can contribute to reducing food waste and creating a better tomorrow.

To minimize surplus food at the event, attendees were provided with recyclable packaging known as ‘nezavrečka’ to take home any leftovers. Together with the organisers, they donated the surplus food and dishes to volunteers and students who helped co-organise Conventa. Such Responsible campaigns help reduce food waste and, ultimately, the carbon footprint of events.

Photo: Marko Delbello Ocepek

Having been a trusted partner of Conventa for over a decade, Jezeršek Catering continues to innovate, striving to revolutionize catering at events and achieving a behavioural change among event attendees to opt for seasonal, local, and sustainable food.

For further insights into Jezeršek Catering’s pioneering catering campaigns, please visit their website.

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