Ten Slovenian restaurants awarded Michelin stars in 2024

63 restaurants included in the Michelin Guide for Slovenia

Slovenian gastronomy once again recorded an extraordinary success. A record-breaking 63 restaurants are listed in the Michelin Guide for Slovenia this year, four more than last year. Ana Roš’s Hiša Franko retained the three stars, while Restaurant Milka and its chef, David Žefran, were again awarded two stars by Michelin evaluators. Eight restaurants boast one star, among them the newcomer Pavus Restaurant.

Slovenia’s list of Michelin-awarded restaurants thus places it among the leading gastronomic outposts in Europe. Five new restaurants were awarded the Bib Gourmand award for excellent value for money. Eight restaurants also boast a green star for sustainability, placing Slovenia in first place among European countries according to the number of green Michelin stars per capita.

The illustrious Michelin culinary guide highlighted the best Slovenian restaurants for the fifth time. The awards once more confirmed the top quality, sustainable orientation and diversity of Slovenian gastronomy. Hiša Franko shone again, retaining its three Michelin stars and one green star, making it one of only 145 restaurants in the world with three stars and the 33rd restaurant in the world that boasts both three and a green star at the same time.

The other restaurants included in this year’s Michelin Guide for Slovenia also achieved exceptional results. Same as last year, the Milka restaurant with David Žefran received two stars.

Slovenia ranks sixth according to the number of Michelin stars per capita

Eight restaurants with one Michelin star also proved their quality on the international gastronomic map. Restaurant Pavus, with chef Marko Pavčnik, is a newcomer to the esteemed company. Slovenia thus ranks sixth among European countries in terms of the number of Michelin stars per capita.

Restaurants with one Michelin star

  • COB, chef Filip Matjaž;
  • Dam, chef Uroš Fakuč;
  • Gostilna pri Lojzet, chef Tomaž Kavčič;
  • Grič, chef Luka Košir;
  • House Denk, chef Gregor Vračko;
  • House Linhart, chef Uroš Štefelin;
  • Pavus, Marko Pavčnik;
  • Restaurant Strelec, chef Igor Jagodic.

Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the Michelin Guide, said: “Every year, the evaluators of the Michelin Guide have the privilege of observing the steady progress of the Slovenian culinary scene. They are run by restaurant owners who want to promote their area and culinary identity at the highest level and also shine with their commitment to an increasingly demanding offer. Today, on 18 June, the International Day of Sustainable Gastronomy, we present our Slovenian selection, which includes one new Michelin green star, which illustrates the growing concern of local experts to imagine the contours of a more virtuous and sustainable gastronomy.”

Eight restaurants also boast a green Michelin star, which ranks Slovenian gastronomy in first place in terms of the number of green stars per capita. The new green star was awarded to Galerija Okusov. The green star highlights restaurants with sustainable practices.

M.Sc. Maja Pak Olaj, director of the Slovenian Tourist Board, emphasised: “With the results of the evaluation of the Michelin Guide for 2024, Slovenia ranks among the European gastronomic superpowers. Six years ago, in Slovenian tourism, we recognised the excellence and rapid development of Slovenian gastronomy and strategically decided to support it in its breakthrough on the world stage by cooperating with gastronomic guides. We have fulfilled this commitment, and thus, in cooperation with the globally recognised Michelin brand, we have been awarding excellence, quality and sustainability of Slovenian gastronomy for the fifth year. We are proud of all the chefs, restaurant owners and their teams, especially Ana Roš and Hiša Franko, who boast three stars and a green star. Sincere congratulations to everyone who contributed to this success!”

Learn more about the Michelin Guide here.

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