Special Edition of Conventa Trend Bar 2022

Tips and Best Practice Cases for Digital & Hybrid Events

We are living in a time of a digital event renaissance that will, similarly to the first renaissance half a millennium ago, profoundly alter our actions on an individual and social basis. That is why we are inviting you to join an exciting (and free) online event.

We are bringing you a SPECIAL EDITION of Conventa Trend Bar, dedicated to best practice cases for digital & hybrid events.

On 17 February 2022 at 10:00, Gorazd Čad, Co-founder of Conventa, will be joined by János Fazakas from Visual Europe Group, an agency specialed in cutting-edge event technology. Together with Jaka Gornik, CEO of the Confiva platform for online events they will provide you with recommendations and thoughts to help you organise future events.

About János Fazakas

János F. Fazakas is the Chief Global Strategist at Visual Europe Group. As a skilled expert in Sales Management, Event Management, Digital Marketing, and Project Management, he is leading the domestic and international expansion of Visual Europe Group. From creative solutions through digital signage to video equipment hire. Visual Europe is a full-service AV rental and sales company with the best experts on the market.

About Jaka Gornik

Jaka is the Founder and CEO of FM Agency. He is one of the most recognizable and charismatic representatives of the meetings industry in Slovenia and the Adriatic region. In his more than 20 year-long career he has participated in various local and international projects, but his main focus has always been FM Agency. He recently launched an EU-based event solution: a private live stream platform named Confiva.

What is Conventa Trend Bar?

The Conventa Trend Bar project has become an important support pillar of the Conventa brand. It is a knowledge roadshow that has been travelling across cities of New Europe for the past 4 years. Each Trend Bar is hosted by a different destination, providing its own special flair, hospitality and speakers. This means that no two Trend Bars are the same. They have been hosted by over 20 different destinations. The goal of the event is to connect creative, open-minded individuals, share knowledge and help form new friendships. Because of the current epidemiological situation, we were forced to move the sharing of knowledge and networking into an online space.

What will I learn?

After an insightful destination presentation by a local host, Gorazd Čad, Co-founder of Conventa, will be joined by Jaka Gornik, CEO of Confiva to talk about how we can start organising events that future generations will be proud of. You will learn how to create exceptional 365/24 experiences, transform your story into an event, and cut no corners when it comes to content while keeping sustainability at the forefront.

What is the new season bringing?

New topics, new destinations and new connections. The autumn season of Conventa Trend Bar will be all about making the meetings industry better. Together we will define a new role for the meetings industry after the coronavirus crisis. We will talk about new ideas and perspectives on what events of the future will look like. The aim of upcoming Trend Bars is to encourage key stakeholders to develop new business models and to change how they do business.

The meetings industry, like other creative industries, carries great social power and responsibility. Events are not only and exclusively an economic impact generator, creating revenue, stimulating investment, and opening up new job opportunities. They also foster the development of new technologies and science, connect international leaders with local experts and promote the development of local companies and professionals. Let’s make events smarter, greener, and more responsible.

Trend Bar programme:

  • 10:00: Introduction and presentation of speakers, Gorazd Čad
  • 10:02: Video presentation of best practice cases
  • 10:05: “Events, my passion, my story, my way” – presentation by Jaka Gornik, CEO of Confiva
  • 10:15: “How to organise events that rock” – presentation by Janos F. Fazakas, Chief Global Strategist at Visual Europe Group
  • 10:25: “How to make meetings industry better” – AC/BC webinar by Gorazd Čad, Co-founder of Conventa
  • 10:50: Questions from participants/questions from moderator
  • 11:00: Closing

Conventa Trend Bars are perfect for:

  • organisers of corporate, sales and social events
  • hotels, congress centres, special venues, event agencies
  • tourism employees, who deal with business guests on a daily basis (restaurants, local tourist organisations, cultural sights…)

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