Qualifying criteria To qualify for the hosted buyer programme meeting planners must be agency, association or corporate buyers who are responsible for planning, organising, recommending or making financial decisions for events outside their home country. Furthermore meeting planners have to commit to attending ten individual appointments per day at the show with exhibitors of their choice. To be accepted as Hosted buyer, applicant should meet strict qualifying criteria. The organiser may contact the applicant and/or appropriate meetings suppliers to verify the information on her/his application.


1. Qualified hosted buyers will receive complimentary:

  • Admission to Conventa
  • Admission to official Conventa networking events
  • Pre-scheduled appointments with exhibitors of their choice
  • Two/three nights stay in a 4* hotel in Ljubljana
  • Return economy flights from selected destinations within Europe to and from Ljubljana, Zagreb, Trieste or Venice airport on routes agreed in advance or financial refund of EUR 250 (taxes included) for different ways of travel to and from Slovenia (by car, train, bus)
  • Airport and local transfers within the Conventa programme
  • Catering within the Conventa programme
  • Pre-scheduled appointments with exhibitors of their choice
  • On-line diary with the facility for additional appointments
  • Possibility to participate in the pre or post show fam trips
  • Participation at site inspection at the host hotel in Ljubljana All other costs and incidental expenses are the responsibility of each attendee, examples include private transfers, flight upgrades, hotel upgrades, additional nights’ accommodation, personal extras, travel insurance, etc.

2. Completion of the online application form does not automatically guarantee you a place on the Conventa hosted buyer programme. You will be notified if your application is successful. Conventa reserves the right to decline your registration without reason. Organiser’s decision is final.
3. Conventa will only accept one application per participant. In the event of more than one application per participant being received, only the first application will be accepted.
4. All required sections of the application form must be fully completed. Failure to do so will result in the form not being processed.
5. Confirmed hosted buyers are obliged to pay a nonrefundable participation fee of EUR 75, after hosted buyer status has been confirmed. Registration fee should be paid on-line by the credit card at the Conventa website. Invoice for participation fee will be issued by Toleranca marketing d.o.o.
6. Should cancellation and ‘no show’ charges apply they will be debited from the credit card details  supplied by applicant.
7. Participants who are not accepted for the hosted buyer programme will have the opportunity to attend Conventa as an invited buyer.
8. By accepting the Conventa hosted buyer status, all hosted buyers are consenting to their contact details being made available to all exhibitors as well as all official show partners, sponsors.

1. The Organiser is responsible for co-ordinating your participation as a hosted buyer at Conventa including accommodation, transfers and appointment setting. Flights will be booked by the Organiser over the period of Conventa only. All attendance queries should be directed to the Organiser. Hosted buyers are not to contact the Conventa travel suppliers (i.e., agents, airlines and hotels) directly.
2. The hosted buyer who wishes to make his/her own travel arrangements must inform the Organiser directly and ensure that travel is according to his/her chosen days of attendance and at times which allow him/her to complete his/her full obligation of appointments.
3. Hosted buyers must obtain adequate travel insurance coverage for their stay and it is recommended in particular that hosted buyers take out adequate insurance for their baggage and medical insurance.
4. Conventa takes no responsibility for any hosted buyer who may miss organised flights, transfers or functions related to Conventa. This includes buyers missing flights due to visa complications, airline delays and cancellations. Any additional expense incurred is at the buyer’s own expense.

Appointment setting
1. Hosted buyers who are accepted by Conventa commit to attend a minimum of 10 one-to-one appointments per day of attendance at Conventa. For two days minimum attendance of 15 one-to-one appointments has to be scheduled in advance. One-to-one meetings have to be arranged in advance via on-line appointment system. Hosted buyers who do not conclude appointments by the agreed date and/ or do not attend site inspection will be liable for the ‘no show’ fee. Association hosted buyers commit to attend a minimum of 6 one-to-one appointments per day (9 one-to-one appointments for 2 days at the show) and complete site inspections of both congress centres in Ljubljana. Association hosted buyers who do not conclude appointments by the agreed date and do not complete the site inspections will be liable for the ‘no show’ fee.
2. Hosted buyers who are unable to honour an appointment should contact the exhibitor directly to arrange a more convenient appointment time.
3. Only one person per company can be accepted as a hosted buyer. Further persons may attend the show as invited guests (they cover their own travel and accommodation but have complementary access to Conventa show including all services granted to hosted buyers at the show). Exceptions can be made for large companies or if otherwise agreed with the Organiser.
4. If one or more persons from the same organisation attend Conventa as a hosted buyer then those persons must conduct their appointments individually.
5. Please note that attendance at appointments will be monitored and non attendance shall constitute a breach of these Terms and conditions. Organiser will give on-site instructions on attendance verification.
6. The Organiser will inform hosted buyer about the site inspection of the host hotel in Ljubljana upon arrival. Hosted buyers are obliged to attend their preplanned site inspection.

Cancellations, no shows and refunds
1. If you need to cancel your participation at the show, you must inform the Organiser in writing. The cancellation will not be effective until you have received a written acknowledgement from the Organiser. Cancellations received on or before 20 December 2023 do not incur a fee, unless the flight has been agreed and confirmed. If the flight has been confirmed the cost of the flight will be charged. Cancellations received after 21 December 2023 will incur a fee of 400 EUR. Charges will be debited from the credit card or invoice will be sent by the Organisers. Organisers will not refund the administrative and participation fee in case of cancellation.
2. ‘No show’ is defined as a hosted buyer who without giving prior written notice of cancellation does not complete appointment requirements and/or is not present for the hosted buyer activities at Conventa.
‘No show’ fees for hosted buyers will be applied against any of the items below:
• If you do not make the required number of exhibitor appointments prior to the close of the appointment system
• You are reported onsite as a ‘no show’
• You are unable to attend Conventa and do not advise us in writing by 17 February 2024
• If you do not attend the required site inspection
• If you miss two or more pre-scheduled appointments per day of attendance at Conventa
3. Hosted buyers’ participation and attendance are monitored by the Organiser and exhibitors. In the event of a breach in the cancellation & no show’s Terms and conditions, Conventa reserves the right to cancel your hosted buyer status and charge you the ‘no show’ fee. The ‘no show’ fee is 500 EUR.
4. All cancellation and no show charges will be debited by Conventa to the credit card detailed in your application. All cancellation charges and no show fees are inclusive of VAT or equivalent tax. An invoice receipt detailing the charges will be sent to you.
5. Cancellation of attendance fees, no show fees and flight cancellation fees shall be payable by the hosted buyer within 14 days of the closing date of Conventa. The Conventa team shall take payment of such cancellation and no show fees from the hosted buyer’s credit card (details of which must be provided by the hosted buyer on registration) 14 days after the closing date of Conventa, if the payment has not been made by other means. Conventa will provide the hosted buyer with a receipt in respect of such credit card charges for cancellation of attendance fees, no show fees and flight cancellation fees.

Cancellations due to the medical reasons
Hosted Buyer who has to cancel participation due to medical reasons must provide a medical certificate within one week of notification and upon acceptance of such medical certificate, the Hosted Buyer will be charged any applicable flight cancellation fees, but will not be charged the cancellation fee. If Hosted Buyer fails to provide a medical certificate within one week of notification will be charged any applicable flight cancellation fees and any applicable cancellation charges. Medical certificates must be in English, not hand written, and with an official stamp and signature.

1. Your acceptance on to the hosted buyer programme is non-transferable. Should a circumstance arise whereby you have to cancel your participation, you may request to substitute another person from your organisation. Organiser may choose to accept that substitute person after reviewing his/her fully completed application form.
2. If the substitute meets the qualification criteria and if the substitution is made prior to 1 February 2024, then cancellation charges will not apply to the original buyer unless the flight has been confirmed. If the flight has been confirmed, the cost of the flight will be charged.
3. If the substitution is made after the cancellation date of 1 Febraury 2024, cancellation charges will apply unless agreed otherwise with the Organiser.
4. If the substitution is not accepted by the Organiser, then the usual cancellation terms apply to the original hosted buyer.

1.Travel will be arranged on dates suitable for attendance at the show. Organiser will cover flight ticket for Hosted Buyer. All additional changes (change flight, additional baggage,…) that would occur after the ticket has been issued are covered and managed by hosted buyer. 2. Due to airline restrictions, changes to confirmed travel plans or travel change requests received after 1 February 2024 will be considered by Organiser on a case by case basis.
3. The Organiser reserves the right to make charges for travel changes. Charges will be notified to you and will be debited from the credit card detailed in your application.
4. Any unused flight tickets must be returned directly to the Organiser.
5. Please note that participants from certain countries may require a visa to enter Slovenia (European Union). It is the responsibility of each participant to contact the Organiser for a visa application letter and to organise their own individual visa. Buyers who are unable to travel because of failure to obtain a valid visa will be subject to the standard cancellation or no show charges.
6. Please note that travel insurance is the responsibility of each individual hosted buyer. The Organiser will not supply travel insurance for hosted buyers. Travel insurance must be in effect from the day of departure up to and including the day you arrive back at your home country.
7. Hosted buyers are responsible for the payment of excess baggage, customs fines etc. Conventa does not endorse or approve export gifts given to hosted buyers by exhibitors. It is the responsibility of each attendee to ensure that such gifts may be both legally removed from Slovenia and imported into your home country.
8. Hosted buyers must settle all expenses with the hotel prior to departure and will indemnify Conventa for any failure to do so.

Familiarisation trips
1. Familiarisation trips are organised by the host destination. Hosted buyers are accepted by the host destination on the basis that they meet the criteria determined by the host destination. Flights (transfers) are co-ordinated by the Organiser and the host destination. Accommodation is the sole responsibility of the host destination for the duration of the trip.
2. After a maximum number of hosted buyers per fam trip is reached the participation at such fam trip will not be possible.
3. Attendance at a fam trip is subject to arriving/departing flights availability.
4. If you need to cancel your participation in a fam trip, then you must inform the Organiser. Your cancellation must be acknowledged in writing by the Organiser for it to be effective. Cancellations received on or before 1 January 2024 do not incur a fee, unless the flight has been agreed and confirmed. If the flight has been confirmed, the cost of the flight will be charged. Cancellations received after 1 January 2024 may incur a fee from the host destination to cover costs incurred by them for flights and accommodation relating to the fam trip up to the date of cancellation and will be advised. Additional costs for revised flights may also be incurred and will be payable to Conventa. All cancellations less than a week before the event, without organisers written agreement, will be charged with 250,00€ cancellation fee.

Exhibition modification
The Organisers reserve the right to implement modifications to the Exhibition due to events of force majeure, as stipulated in article Force majeure of this Terms and conditions. The Organisers may, at its sole discretion, modify the Exhibition to a “hybrid” model, which combines both in-person Exhibition and online Exhibition or complete “digital” model with video meetings carried out through the matchmaking appointment system. In case of the »hybrid« model, Hosted Buyers, who are not able to travel due to the restrictions, related to pandemic of coronavirus disease are obliged to conduct the prescheduled meetings as the video meetings through the matchmaking appointment system. In case of the complete »digital« model, all hosted buyers are obliged to conduct the prescheduled meetings as the video meetings through the matchmaking appointment system. If hosted buyers do not fulfill their obligations, the cancellation policy as stipulated above applies in full, except for the Familiarisation trips. Attendance at the Familiarisation trips will be cancelled for the Hosted Buyers attending the Exhibition online.

Force majeure
The Organiser is not responsible for non-fulfillment of obligations arising from force majeure. In the event that the Organiser is unable to fulfill its obligations due to force majeure, he is obliged to inform the Hosted Buyers and state the cause of force majeure. Force majeure are those unpredictable and unexpected events which do not depend on the will of the Organiser and which, taking into account the required diligence, he could not have reasonably expected, prevented or refused, such as, but not limited to to acts of god, war, government regulation, disaster, acts or threats of terrorism, fire, strikes, civil disorder or other similar cause. Circumstances of force majeure also include all events that would occur or be related to the pandemic of coronavirus disease (COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 virus) or other pandemics.

General conditions
All matters and questions not covered by these Terms and Conditions are subject to the decision of the Organisers. Foregoing Terms and Conditions may be amended or added by the Organisers at their discretion. The Hosted buyer agrees to abide by any and all amendments and changes by the Organisers as well as rules and regulations set out in the Hosted buyer Manual.

The Organisers and the Hosted buyer will settle all eventual disputes in an amicable way. In case a dispute cannot be settled in this way, the Organiser and Hosted buyer agree to confer jurisdiction to the competent court in Ljubljana.