4 Incentive Hours in Budapest: Meet Budapest

The Queen of the Danube is a place where visitors can spend more than 4 hours without breaking a sweat. The Hungarian capital offers a host of enticing incentive experiences for one or more days. Even if you only have a few hours, Budapest always has something in store. At Conventa’s Try Before You Buy event in Budapest, attendees experienced four intriguing programmes in just four hours. The hands-on experience gives event organisers a taste of what to offer their event attendees. Between 1 and 2 September 2023, we discovered some of the city’s most unusual event venues. The programme was organised by the Budapest Convention Bureau in UNDERGUIDE Travel DMC agency – and Event Experience (DMC).

Meet Budapest – the greatest stories behind the facts

Guests can opt for a spectacular city discovery tour through a unique, interactive program, which guides them deep into Hungarian history and “must-know” facts from the settlement of the country until the nowadays of the capital.

During the cc. 4 hours program the group will cruise around Budapest by bus, while very detailed, interactive guidance, with the most fascinating stories, will entertain them.

Type of experience: Guided, bus and walking tour with stories to remember

Wow factor: Did you know?  Hungary Is One Of Europe’s Oldest Countries

While traversing the colourful streets of Budapest, strewn with imposing buildings from the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, visitors are likely to stumble upon outlandish event venues that can host any event. We have listed a few of our favourites.

Várkert Bazaar                           

The Várkert Bazár is Budapest’s unique jewellery box where art and nature complement each other. It is a distinctive work of architecture.

Royal Riding Hall         

The authentically rebuilt Royal Guard Budapest sits at the heart of Buda Castle. It is a venue that has become renowned for its royal backdrop and is capable of hosting events for more than 200 people.

Felix Kitchen & Bar    

Felix Kitchen & Bar is more than just a restaurant in the heart of Budapest: it is a full-fledged contemporary art space.

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