4 Incentive Hours in Budapest: Where the magic happens

The Queen of the Danube is a place where visitors can spend more than 4 hours without breaking a sweat. The Hungarian capital offers a host of enticing incentive experiences for one or more days. Even if you only have a few hours, Budapest always has something in store. At Conventa’s Try Before You Buy event in Budapest, attendees experienced four intriguing programmes in just four hours. The hands-on experience gives event organisers a taste of what to offer their event attendees. Between 1 and 2 September 2023, we discovered some of the city’s most unusual event venues. The programme was organised by the Budapest Convention Bureau in UNDERGUIDE Travel DMC agency – and Event Experience (DMC).

Budapest, where the magic happens – feel the city by its local, creative vibe.

Undoubtedly, the freshest jumpstart to get to know the city is to stroll through its streets.

Let’s discover the Jewish Quarter (VII. district) while having a creative flow, design, and fashion-related tour. During this interactive city program, you’ll visit small art studios, hidden contemporary galleries, urban-cult event spaces, and experimental caterers.

While crossing the must-see highlights of the quartier’s historical and contemporary heritage you’ll also get familiar with some unique inventions of Hungary, such as the well-known Rubik’s Cube, the soda water behind the spritzers, and many more magics.

  • Type of experience: Guided, walking tour with a drink invitation
  • Wow factor: Budapest’s multicultural spirit, now more alive than ever

While traversing the colourful streets of Budapest, strewn with imposing buildings from the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, visitors are likely to stumble upon outlandish event venues that can host any event. We have listed a few of our favourites.

Tesla loft

In the heart of Budapest, an art-deco meeting venue has been hosting a slew of art exhibitions, weddings and boutique events.                                

Twentysix urban garden

Twentysix Budapest is the first of its kind, a cosy urban jungle and feel-good hub for all the nature and gastro friends located in the real heart of Budapest.

Extra ruined bar          

Extra Budapest is located in District 7 in the middle of the old Jewish district of Budapest in a 140-year-old building. The venue is perfectly suited for corporate events.

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