Chocolate glamping along the Drava river in the Maribor Lake Landscape Park, which lies in the Natura 2000 protected area, opened its doors in November 2019. It is a luxury resort of 12 houses of three different types, named after three types of cocoa. Why Chocolate Village? The connection is the chocolate brand Teta Frida, a chocolate manufactory, which is already well established in Slovenia with its 100 % natural chocolate products of all kinds and chocolate cafes. Here we have connected chocolate and tourism and thus offer visitors a wide variety of chocolate experiences, from chocolate workshops to chocolate massages. Here, everything revolves around chocolate. It is a very unique global story - a connection between a chocolate manufactory and a tourist resort. The story of chocolate glamping began to develop very spontaneously in an area waiting to be revived.


    Limbuško nabrežje 6

    Limbuš, Slovenia

    Contact Person:

    Mrs Tina Robnik