Mediatis is a brand with more than 30 years of tradition in the field of business and promotional gifts. The rich experience they have accumulated in their 30-year history was gained by their team at many international fairs and meetings, where they look for inspiration for new promotional products and business gifts. Together with their partners, they offer a range of promotional material and use modern techniques to finish all the products. In addition, they personalize them so that a brand can shine and gain identity. Their selection is astonishingly diverse. On the website, they offer more than 10,000 different products, sorted by different categories. Thus, Mediatis offers classic promotional products such as diaries and notebooks, promotional pens and umbrellas. They also offer a large selection of promotional textiles and a wide range of promotional products to order.

    Mediatis is, not least, the largest supplier specializing in USB sticks. They offer more than 300 different models, capacities, materials and shapes. A considerable selection of their range of USB sticks is in stock in Ljubljana and can be delivered immediately. Why USB sticks, you might be wondering? They are an extremely popular product, not only for promotion but also for their utility. You can transfer materials to it that "paper cannot transfer", such as video or audio recordings. They are also more useful than related media such as DVDs as they allow for multiple rewriting.


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    Ljubljana, Slovenia

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    Mojca Šircelj