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Cankarjev Dom

Congresses & Meetings. From ideas to implementation.

Cankarjev dom, or CD Congress Centre Ljubljana, centrally located in Ljubljana, offers a prime venue within walking distance of major hotels and the charming Old Town. Boasting 23 versatile halls, including a plenary hall accommodating up to 2,000 delegates, 3,600 sq. m of exhibition space, and cutting-edge equipment, it stands as Slovenia’s largest congress centre.

Annually hosting 250+ national and international events, Cankarjev dom’s well-designed layout meets contemporary functional and aesthetic standards with exceptional acoustic features. Covering 36,000 m2, it can welcome 5,000 visitors concurrently, providing ample room for commercial or art exhibitions. 

Beyond venue space, our expertise spans organizing diverse events, from scientific conferences to social gatherings. CD offers comprehensive event planning or tailored services, positioning us as a specialized event partner on request.


Aligned with our eco-friendly commitment, CD prioritizes sustainability through energy-saving, water conservation, and waste-reduction initiatives. Embracing environmentally friendly technologies and materials, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint.

Dedicated to fostering sustainable partnerships, we uphold social responsibility towards the artistic and cultural community, visitors, and employees. Notably, our urban beekeeping initiative exemplifies our dedication to enhancing local life, featuring beehives on our venue’s rooftops.

Nestled in the heart of Slovenia’s capital, surrounded by Cankarjev dom’s striking modernist architecture, the Council of Europe Park stands as a green oasis amidst urban hustle. Established in 1785 by Slovenian botanist Karl Zois, the park reflects Slovenia’s natural heritage. With ten tree species, half of them reaching an impressive age of 230, the park symbolizes our enduring commitment to environmental preservation and community well-being.